Anderledes visualisering af store informationsmængder, o.a. Eyeo Festival 2011

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Præsentation på Eyeo Festival 2011 af Moritz Stefaner om anderledes visualisering af data. En slags læren om at præsentere relevant information på en visuel interessant måde. Han kommer blandt andet ind på hvordan han først bruger almindelige grafer til at analysere dataen, for at finde en god måde at bruge informationerne på:

Moritz Stefaner keeps chasing the perfect form for information. In his talk, he deconstructs some of his recent works, shedding some light on his work process and the rationale behind the design decisions. We also hear about some of his experiences in how to make a living as a freelance information visualizer, and why a flower garden can be a perfectly fine data visualization of the latest OECD country ranking.

Eyeo Vimeo page er der andre spændende præsentationer, fx er præsenterer Zach Lieberman nogle meget anderledes former for visuel interaktionskunst / performance.

Og Ben Fry og Casey Reas fortæller om hvad Processing er, hvordan det er kommet til og hvor det er på vej hen:

Via bla.: “Eyeo Festival Videos / SparkFun Electronics – Recent News Posts”:

Back in mid-July (you know it’s September now, right) we posted about our trip to the Eyeo Festival. If you didn’t read the post, it’s a bit long but it does a great job of summing up our experience at this great festival. Recently, videos have started to surface of some of the presentations and we think they are definitely worth a watch so we wanted to share. Unfortunately, they are restricted from embedding, but there are six great videos. Click on the image below to got to theEyeo Vimeo page (billede mangler, red.).

Check out these presentations by Moritz Stefaner, Aaron Koblin, Ben Fry & Casey Reas, and Nicholas Felton. These videos are very cool and inspiring – give them a watch!

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